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School can be tough. We all have those moments. Share your stories here with us!


Paw Cards:

A paw card is a chart we keep of marks below the line and above.”Marks below the line” are these things we put on our paw cards when we get in trouble. We get marks above the line for being good. They aren’t really marks. They’re things like NT for name tag and D for directions.  It looks sorta like this:

Except that was just a copy I made on Picnik.

Mean Subs

I have this one REALLY mean sub. No one in the entire school likes her. She once, I heard, made someone get 13 marks below the line! She once, not as a punishment, made us follow orders at recess! She looks like she was born in the dinosaur age…

Mean Kids/Bullies

There is only one person I’d definitely classify as a mean kid. Jalen. He’s annoying, weird (in the bad way), bossy, rude, and just plain mean. He sings *gag* High School Musical… and he once called me Steve. o_O Dat boy has mental problems… And, just because he’s a few months older than me and my friend Linda, he can boss us around! Plus, he says things like “big boy” and “boo-oo”…
Anything to add?

If you have a story, category, or whatever to add to this page, comment here with your story/category idea! Thanks! 😀


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