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Cheese is here,
Cheese is there!
Cheese is around EVERYWHERE!
No need to hide,
No need to run!
No need to hide cuz cheese is all FUN!
Here I am,
with mah cheese…

-From Smart Noodle/Cheese’s blog

She dared me to do this… 😆


Do you want to find new ways to go green? Do you like to save the earth? Do you want to help others? Then, here’s your place! I recently re-invented a blog from a long time ago called…

The Green Goers!

The Green Goers is a website where you get new tips on how to go green! Some of our events include the Green Goer of the Month, The Reusables (this is where you say things like old washcloths or cans that can be turned into something amazing, and tell us how!), etc, etc. It hasn’t had hits in a while, so if you would advertise it on your blog, that’d be awesomefull! The link is…


So, come on! Click the link already!

SPRING BREAK STARTS TODAY! YAYZ! Sowwy I didn’t post about my day yesterday, I just had the most horrible experiences. The first one, if I tell you about, you’d think I’m a horrible greedy person who makes people have pity for her when it’s someone else’s situation, and the second, I can say. My friend Victoria is quitting AIG!!! Noooooooooooooooo! I’ll never see her anymore, since we’re in different classes! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Anyway, I think the 2 ½ week sub thinks I have a mental problem or something because I cry at least 5 times in 3 hours per day… :/ Why are you looking at me like that? Jeez.  Anyway, for Spring Break I’m going to the mountains, I’m gonna ride my bike, play outside in the GORGEOUS weather, go to a park egg hunt, stuff like that. And, oh, on Poptropica, I finished Mythology island! It’s my favorite island! It isn’t the least bit kid-ified, it’s fun, it’s almost even harder than Astro-Knights, and oh, yeah! Hades isn’t the villain. He helps you. And, hen you complete the island, you get rewards! I SHALL SAY NO MORE! Sorry… you’ll have to see for yourself if you don’t have membership! Also, in the multi-player room, I found a player who is really nice, and is really good at games like Pathwise (I only beat her once) and Paint War (I only beat her twice) and not so good at Sky Dive, yes, yes, it’s… Hyper Starfish! We back and forth challenged each other to games, and it was fun! Sorry mez no get cheeseshot. Oops! I mean screenshot! I got cheese on the brain today! Well, I have to go get changed out of my pajamas, because I’ve already delayed that for 2 ½ hours…BRB!
smiley icons

I have decided to delete this website, and quit Poptropica. It has just become a way to fill up my time, and I’m bored from it. It’s gotten to be too much work to keep up with, and even though we have 800 something hits, nobody really comments, so it’s a waste. Plus I’m missing out on having fun with friends, etc, etc. I can memorize the keys on the keyboard from so much typing! This will be the last post. Goodbye.


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Your reward for the 500/600/700 and possibly sometime soon 800 hits is a MATH QUIZ! I will check your answers with a simple √. MUAHAHAHAHA! Fear da math… FEAR IT, I SAY! Yes. I will make the problems very hard and unsolvable… Or maybe not… maybe…

A Contest!!!

That’s right! A contest! Will it involve math? Noooooooo… but it does involve…

COSTUMES! Yup! It’s a costume contest! Comment here with the link to your Poptropican’s avatar studio, and I’ll judge it! Whoever has the best costume wins… wait for it… no, seriously. Wait for it. I still haven’t decided that yet. Sowwy.
jumping smileys

Oh, and the contest closes April 5, 2010! Enter while you can!

Since today was just so BORING, I won’t even bother to tell the major details. Lets see, there was a fire drill, instead of AIG reading all of the AIG students (this includes math) were going to guidance, which is kinda like the psychiatrist’s place. 🙄 And  in lunch, I don’t know why, but I have to say me and my friends did this thing where we each took turns and gave each other a certain amount of time to talk to each other, and then when their time is up we’d say “Done!” and go to the next person. LOL. So, yeah… that’s only the important stuff. Hmmm… oh, yeah! I added the subscriber button to the widgets. Have fun subscribing!

I’m gonna work on a pic on Picnic…

Edit/Update-ish: I almost forgot the most important thing of today! Last night, my mom signed me up for… *gulps* Health Class, about.. *gags* puberty. Thank you, mom. Now I can have you owe me something. So, yeah, today, almost everyone was laughing at me as I carried the two slips (the other one was another puberty thing, gag) across the room. But then I realized that my friends had it too! Phew. What a relief. I dunno when the thingy is gonna start… probably in a month or something.

Yes, I know, people haven’t voted on it yet. (Except Giant Hawk, but I just don’t like Pool anymore…) But I really like it this way, and now I don’t have to worry about headers! Personally, this was the first theme the blog ever had, and my favorite, but I took the vote just to see, and since only one person commented on it, I see it’ll get me nowhere, so I just changed it… and I think it looks better! 😀 :mrgreen:

windowsxpdog22dp←This is the Windows XP dog!!! xD

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