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Mah Dictionary!

This is a dictionary of all of my invented words! Ya might need this…

awesomefull (aw-sum-ful) adj. Meaning totally awesome or full of awesomeness.

awesomefully (aw-sum-ful-lee) adv. See awesomefull.

awecool (aw-cool) adj. Meaning both awesome and cool at the same time.

beautitter (bee-a-u-tit-ter) adj. Meaning beautiful and better, in comparison.

coolfullness (coo-l-ful-nes) adj. Meaning full of coolness.

coolisome (cool-ee-sum) adj. Meaning coolfull.

coolfull (cool-ful) adj. See coolfullness.

colorbrightness (cu-lur-brit-nes) adj. Meaning full of brightness and color.

decorprettive (de-co-pret-tiv) adj. Meaning decorative and pretty.

da (da) adj. Meaning the.

dat (dat) adj. Meaning that.

Eastah (ee-st-a) n. Meaning Easter. Usually exclamatory.

goodsomefull (good-sum-ful) adj. Meaning extremely good or excellent.

greatsomefull (gre-at-sum-ful) adj. See goodsomefull.

And the rest, I’m too lazy to add. And, yes, I know it’s not in alphabetical order.


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