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Did you notice all of my posts have either and exclamation point or …’s? If you did, good eye! 😀 Anywayz, here’s what happened today:

My mom woke me up 15 minutes early instead of half an hour early, like I wanted. I dunno why I like waking up early, mez just do.

For morning work we had a math sheet, but since AIG peoplez are in different math classes, we didn’t have to do it 😀 Off to reading buddies we went! At reading buddies, Linda kept telling everyone her crazy dream, which I can’t resist the impulse to tell y’all. Her dream was that we were walking down the hall to reading buddies, when the floor popped open and we fell onto a big ship and there was, quote from Linda, a big maniac killer with bombs trowing them at us. He threw a bomb at me, I tripped and fell over it and my nose cut off, and then my leg started hurting and I forgot about the bomb and sat on it, then I exploded and died, and my gut’s fell into Carter’s (another person from Reading Buddies and my co-teacher helper and our desks are next to each other)hand and he screamed! Next was Linda herself, who the maniac killer threw a bomb at while she was on the wall and so she exploded and her guts splattered on the wall, all gross and stuffz. Then Kiara got a laser gun and triend to laser da killer, but he wouldn’t die and Kiara fell off the ship and was eaten by a shark, neck first. Then there was a HUGE bomb explosion and only Ashley and Carter escaped, but their arms were cut off. The end. I’m very sorry I had to tell you this. XD

After reading buddies, we didn’t have computer. Our teacher said we’d do it on Friday, with music. Instead, we had a….


Yepperino! It wasn’t, like, a sheet of paper we had to answer questions on or anything like that- we had to make a planning sheet and write a journal entry as if we were Ruby Bridges, a girl we watched a movie about. Ruby Bridges is a girl from the ’60s when there was segregation still going on. Ruby was African American, and she was in a segregated school. She took a test in kindergarten, and passed, which meant that she could go the the white school. There were so many protesters threatening to kill her, I thought I’d  brake the TV or burst into tears. Either one was fine. One woman even threatened to poison and hang her! 😯 But with her very nice teacher Mrs. Henry, in a classroom by herself, she came through. 😀 So, anyway, about the test, a planning sheet is 6 boxes with each box having things like Introduction, Rising Action, Main Even, Closing Actions, and, finally, Conclusion. I forgot what comes after the intro and before the Rising Action… uh-oh. Let’s see dat D comin’ at meh. Well, maybe there wasn’t anything in between, and there’s supposed to be an empty box…or not. LOL.

After da test, we were supposed to have recess, but the test took up our recess time, so we just went straight to math. Recess was gonna be at the end of the day. In math, my AIG teacher was there for like, 10 minutes, but then we had a sub, ’cause she had to leave. But it was a nice sub! She looks oldish, but her hair ain’t the least bit gray, not at all, but a pure maroonish brown color. So, unless she colored it like 50 times, I’d say she was in her 50’s or 60’s.We worked on symmetry by drawing a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery detailed pic of a bear on the Promethean Board next to the other half, exactly, exactly alike. And, yes, I started symmetry in like, pre-k. It’s just, this time, it’s harder.

Soon after (5 mins to be exact) was lunch! We don’t have assigned seats, and I sat down next to my friend Kiara and my friend Linda. After 15 minutes of red cup, we could finally take the 15 minutes left of lunch and talk. Linda was telling everyone, in gruesome detail, about Linda’s dream. Kiara was drawing all her friends in her sketchbook that we all made in art class.

In reading, we listened to the AIG sub tell the Russian Folktale of Vasilissa the Beautiful, and I’ve heard the story before. That sub reads with a lot of expression. 😀

We had not I.E. today, cuz we had recess at the end of the day. About 7 of us made a path together, a super duper hard path, and then tried to follow it! But Jalen (find out who he is on the School page) purposely messed it up. When we asked why, he started crying. 😕 What the…? So we told Mrs. A we didn’t mean to hurt his feelings and she said, to make him feel better, why don’t we ask him to help make the path? And so we did. And he did. Then he left. And we tried to follow the path, but I kept going in circles! I love complicated stuff. It’s just so interesting!

After school, on the way home, I saw Kiara at the front door of her house. I shouted, “Hi, Kiara!” a bit…too…loud. And this was mah day today! Da end!



Well, the day started out at school when I cried when I lost my blue Animal Adaptation Project slip that my mom was supposed to bring back or my grade gets knocked down everyday it’s late. But later on I found out it was in my Tuesday Folder. Also, we’re studying for S.S. Lighthouses in NC, and we got into groups. My friend was supposed to be there but she got a rash that was so bad she can’t open her eyes, so I got stuck with the boys. They ended up having to copy off me. And, it was normal in math, but in reading, it was the Reader’s Field day, which a few others and I couldn’t participate in because we either didn’t do any reading over the summer, didn’t do enough, or forgot to do the paper (me.) So, in AIG reading, we were ordering books in Alphabetical order (we could talk, and it was kinda fun). And when I came back to the regular class they were working more on the Lighthouse graph, so I joined it. Not much changed, except that the boys had copied down my stuff. We didn’t get much done, although most people were done. But kids still weren’t back from field day, so we packed up, hung our bookbags on our chairs, packed others who were at the field day’s bags, and mine was sooooooooooooooooooooo heavy because tonight I’m leaving for New Jersey (Uncle’s wedding!). I had to hang my lunchbox! I’m putting off the homework, so I have something to do later… anyway, after school, today was chorus day (It’s called CENSORED Sound!) and we practiced our songs for our performance next Thursday.And, also, at home I saw a HUGE roll of bubble wrap for radios that my dad was giving as a gift when we’re going to NJ, and fluffy stuff in the hall (from the attic!). After my dad was done with the bubble wrap, he gave me a long, skinny piece and I did a lot of things, but, as I speak, I’m wearing it over my clothes. So, uh, that’s what happened today!

Chorus Songs (or the ones I remember!)

(Tune of Seachanting or whatever those sailor songs are called) What do you do with a water waster:

What do you do with a water Waster,

what do you do with a water waster

what do you do with a water waster

Here upon our planet?

What do you do with a litter critter

what do you do with a litter critter

what do you do with a litter critter

Here upon our plant?

What do you do with a global warmer

What do you do with a global warmer

What do you do with a global warmer

Here upon our planet?

Hey ho, you teach em better, hey ho, you teach em better, hey ho, you teach em better here upon our planet!

I think I’ll think Twice (Rock and roll!):

Teacher told us we’re gonna have a test,

better study hard if you want to do your best.

I spend my whole evening playin’ video games,

Now I’m gonna flunk it man I must’ve been insane!

What was I thinkin’?

What was goin’ through my mi-nd?

What was I thinkin’?

I think I’ll think twice next time!

(And there was a second verse we learned today that I can’t remember!)

Top of the Music To you:

Top of the musice to yooooooooooou, friends.

May you have a song in your heart!

May you hear saxes, may you hear flutes

May your day have a musical start!

(And the rest I can’t remember!)

So, um, today was Picture day, and I wore a puffy-ish purple and black striped shirt and sparkly black pants. This morning I had been crying (normal, for me 😥 )  because I thought I lost my Math Homework, so, of course, I went to school with puffy eyes. Me and Ashley (a girl in my class) were the backup helpers, so, yeah, we had to pass out a lot, and didn’t get our morning work done. I guess you could say me and her are “Teachers Pets” because we hardly get in trouble (I should, though). And, after that, we went to Spanish class. We worked on Spanish time there. Then, uh, we, um… I forget… oh wellz. But, at recess, I was on the swings on the beginning talking about New York, even though I don’t live there. Then after recess was AIG math, and I cried there, because I couldn’t keep track of my Math Boxes because I couldn’t find them right away (I guess now you get a taste of me: Unorganized and a big fat crybaby!) and we had to leave early for…


I was pose 2, and had puffy eyes from the crying. Pose 2 was holding a chair. It wasn’t really a chair though- It was some black thing. Maybe it had a sorta green screen on it to look like a chair. We all got combs- except for me. I forgot, and we weren’t aloud to get one after. We sat at the tables- it was in the Media room.

The rest of the day I, um, forget…  LOL. Buh-bye!

Random Picture of Today:

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