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Hey everyone! Or, is it “everyuno?” Yes, Spanish class today. Uh, I thought I’d say a few things bout my dog, Ally! She is a Pomeranian,  and used to be super duper fluffy, but my mom gave her a haircut a few weeks ago, so now she is only mid-fluffy. She is 98 in dog years, but looks like a little puppy. Not the just born ones with no hair and closed eyes- those of you who know about dogs know what I’m sayin’! LOL! But, actually, Ally is my sister’s dog, but she’s in college in Connecticut, so… I’m considering her mine. My sis only comes for visits, anywayz! Um, I don’t know how to end this post, so here is a pic of her swimming for her first time (September 1, 2009) that I edited! Yes, Picnik. I love that awesome site!

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