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All About Mwa!

My real first name is Emily. My middle name is the birth flower of June and my great grandmother’s name, before she died. That was before I was born.  My birthday’s on June 23, 2000. I’m 9, almost 10. I’m in 4th grade. I like to read, draw, and make stuff. I’m in both reading and math AIG. I was born in New Jersey, but because of my Asthmatic Allergies, we moved to NC, away from my grandparents, aunts and uncles, my 4 cousins, and everyone. My 4 cousin’s names are Josh(ua), Alison, Patrick, and Sarah (she’s only 4.). I’m catholic, I’m nuts, and I’m a big pain in the butt. I’m half Philippine, and half regular American. My mom says I look a lot more like my dad than I do her, even though I’m a girl. I’m the biggest crybaby in the entire universe. I’m in my school chorus. I don’t think before I say something, so I once said to a girl that was crying that she was controlling my mind, which wasn’t even related to the situation. I snore. I’m in a group of people who sell bookmarks and the profits go to Relay For Life Cancer thingy. I love Sprite and Orange soda. I have gotten A honor roll all my life since kindergarten, except for once I got A/B. I used to have a dog named Allie all my life until she died last October. I haven’t had a b-day party since my 6th birthday, and I’ve just had like a day at the mall or something.  I moved last year from my old house. I have a friend named Hope that I’ve known since I’ve moved to North Carolina, on August 15, 2006. I’ve never had a sleepover, since my mom says she’s not ready. I’m a tomboy.  I’m half Philippine, and half regular American. My mom says I look a lot more like my dad than I do her, even though I’m a girl. I’m not very flexible. When I grow up, I wanna be an Olympic Swimmer, ’cause I can do it. The deepest I’ve ever swam is 8 feet 6 inches. I used to have 2 pet bunnies in 1st grade but they ran away after just a few weeks, or was it months? I can’t remember. I have an abandoned cabbage plant in the backyard that was supposed to be due for a scholarship biggest cabbage thing  contest, but it was never entered. The lowest score I ever got on anything was a 48 F. Pretty bad, huh?I love experimenting (like how now I’m in the process of making a spray that freezes time. I’ll work!)  My dad always tells me his childhood memories, but they aren’t boring, they’re awesome, like riding down a huge hill then realizing there was railroad tracks and so his sister flew off the bike and to this day, she still has a rock stuck in her hand.  I can never think of good titles. I have this thing I call my Minnie Pillow and it’s like one of those beanbag things inside, and it’s so soft! It’s Minnie Mouse shaped, so I call it my Minnie Pillow, and I promise you, I cannot sleep without it. My favorite color is either Screamin’ Green or Cerulean or Sky Blue. I’m allergic to cats, mold, and dustmites.

Does this answer all of your questions? 😆


5 Responses to "All About Mwa!"

I’m half Philippine and half regular American too!I moved here 4 years ago!

I’ve never even been to the Philippines…I was born in New Jersey, LOL. And you actually read that? Wow…I didn’t think people would bother…. ha.

I wanna see who you are! -u- i am evil!

same as me!!! well most of the discription!!!

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