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Hey peeps of this blog! Here is a page about this blog, and of course, mostly bout the blog.

Me: I’m 9 years old,  in 4th grade, I have brown hair, brown eyes, thick bushy eyebrows (me no like!), tanish skin, and was born in New Jersey. My fave DS games are Animal Crossing, and Super Mario 64.

This Blog

Authors: Um, just me, OC.

Rules: Listen viewers, these rules are only for ya safety! You don’t want a cannibal or somethin’ huntin’ ya down and choppin’ you up into mincemeat, do ya? I think not!

1. Don’t spam. OK, spamming is like: 😀 😡 😀 or 73268vhuye or Hey peeps! I like pie! or anythin’ like that. It takes too much time outta makin’ posts and stuff!

2. No murdering or asking for personal info. Um, y’all know that when you murder you get in jail, right? MANY YEARS IN JAIL! And, plus, no personal info, even if your not asking it for a bad reason and your just curious. Who knows what crazy psychopath could come across here and BOOM! Track your little butt down! Not what ya want to happen!

3. Don’t cuss. Who knows what 5-year-old or whatever sees this? Next thing ya know, he/she’ll be goin’ round sayin’ that everywhere!

4. Don’t be mean. Uh, duh, it makes people hurt, and, eventually, report this blog. Even if it was you who did it wrong!

5. Uh… I can’t think of anymore! Oh, wait: Stay on topic. Don’t say something about another post, or talk about something that’s completely random.

I give everyone 5 chances for being off-topic. If you are off-topic 5 times, I blacklist you for a week. Then, when that is over, you get another 5 chances, but if you use up those, you’ll be blacklisted permanently. I hope you think this is fair. It’s just… it takes too much time to delete so many off-topic comments. If you say something completely rude, gross, and mean to someone, then I will blacklist you for a week right after you’re first. Then, after that, if you blow it again, you’re blacklisted permanently. I can’t stand people hurting others feelings! And, if you cuss, then after 3 times you curse, you’re blacklisted for a week, then, if you blow the other three chances after that, you’re blacklisted permanently. If you ask for personal info, you’re immediately blacklisted permanetly, because someone bad could see that, and it’s possible for someone to be killed. I have reasons!

Blog Terms

Blog terms are like “blacklisting”, “spam”, “post” “page”( most of you know this!), “Blogroll”, and stuff like that. I’m making up my own definitions for them, since it probably ain’t in the dictionary.

Blacklisting: When someone puts a commenters name on a blacklisting list and whenever they comment, it immediately gets sent to spam.

Spam: When you say nonsense things.

Post: A medium sized thing that stays at the top of the page until another post is made.

Page: Y’all know what this means!

Blogroll: A list of blogs on your blog that show that you like them.

I’ll think of more later, or someone could give me ideas.


8 Responses to "About!"

It was extremely interesting for me to read this article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

It was rather interesting for me to read this article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. BTW, try to add some pics :).

Hey! I like animal crossing and Super Mario 64 Also!

It’s a small world after all, ain’t it? Awesomefull! <- Dat's my own word!

YAY! I got suscribed to your blog! :mrgreen:

YAYZ! I’d do the same to your blog, but I never check my e-mail, so it’d be useless, LOL. I would also subscribe to Nalani’s Blog, Artemis’s blog, The PHB, and more! :mrgreen:

Awesome page!!!
OMG!! I hav dark brown eyes, tanish skin and I love animal crossing too It’s so cute and fun! I hav REALLY dark brown hair… 😀

ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO! Has a duck moved into your town? A pink duck? Is so, it might be from my town! And, you have an COOLFULLY AWESOMEFULL BLOG, FULL OF AWESOMENESS!

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