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Posted on: April 9, 2010

^^^^^I submitted this one to the PHB for April’s 911, but I forgot to say that I made it…. 😳 They’ll probably just say it was made by Anonymous. I did not Photoshop it! It was a glitch…


8 Responses to "Stuffz"

How do you take the pics?

I think she took a screen shot
press Ctrl+Shift+Print Screen to take one…

How do you get beneath the pipe at 24 carrot island?

It has a spoiler for Mythology, so be warned! OK, I used the Mythology Island transporter mirror that takes you to certain places in Mythology. It said that the room wasn’t available, and I clicked back before it logged me out. Since I was at the pipes, I came out to the side! If I tried to get out, it would make me push against an invisible wall, so I used the Carrot Transporter to get me out. That’s the only way to get out of it. I’ve also tried it on the dark place in Early Poptropica, and I panicked since at first, I couldn’t get out! But I got lucky ’cause I used my Haunted thing from the store to get me out! But be warned, when you’re in the Haunted House Mini-Quest, the only way to get out of the glitch is making a multiverse! If you did that and you don’t have the multiverse, think about getting a new Poptropican.

COOL POST! 😀 I LoOOOOve your avatar thing! xD

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