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Spring Break is almost OVER! :0

Posted on: April 8, 2010

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The official spring break ends tomarrow! The weekend is just plain normal… ugghhh… I guess Ill give you a better description of my spring break.

Friday, April 2nd:
Spent mostly the whole day on the computer playing Truth or Dare with Smart bones….

Saturday, April 3rd: Went to a park egg hunt and only got a few eggs, had an egg hunt at home with Hope (I’ll explain her later), and, finnally, rode my bike in the school track with my parents.

Sunday, April 4th:
EASTAH, PEOPLES! I gotz a full basket of candy! NO LIE! It was full of… wait for it… CHOCOLATEZ! YAH! I also got Smackers shampoo, body wash, lotion, and lip stuffz, but Imma just excited about the CANDY!

Monday, April 5th:
WE WENT TO THE MOUNTAINS! I can’t say which mountain it was, but it was 1 mile high, and I went to the VERY top with my dad! It was so windy up there I thought I was gonna blow away! We tried flying my kite, but guess what? It was so windy all of the sticks flew out and so did the ribbon, but it was still flying! At the gift shop I got a mood ring, a rock called Pyrite, and one of those stretched-out pennies that said the mountain name on it. Plus, I went inside a HUMONGOUS rock, went across a long bridge on the mountain, went to the Nature Museum, and saw tons of animals in the Animal Habitats (including an eagle eating a mouse!) On our way home from the mountains, we went to a little old town with an art store, a park, and expensive ice cream!

Tuesday, April 6th:
Went to the mall with my mom, and you’ll never believe this! MY MOM GOT MEH TWO PET FROGS! Yay! I gotz a pet (well, two). I named them Kiwi and Lime, and Kiwi loves to stretch his legs out, while Lime just likes to chill. Also, after shopping at Bi-Lo later, GUESS WHAT? This part, you really won’t believe! I FOUND A DIAMOND LAYING IN THE ROAD! It was tiny, and shiny, and I saw it because I had a glint stuck in my eye! I put it in my Mario Mushroom, you know, from the candy? That’s where I keep all of my tiny important stuffz. Then, my mom said we could go out for ice cream! YAYZ! But right outside the store, LOL, I jinxed myself, saying that nothing could go wrong, and then when I enter the store, POOF! They no longer have my favorite ice cream flavor, Cotton Candy! :O

Wednesday, April 6th:
Blah blah blah, my mom went back to work, my dad was up, and we gardened. We planted Spinach (yuck, I hate spinach!) and watermelon. I had to get rid of my stink bomb… BOOOOOOOO! Why? I dunno! Parents are just like that. Thowin’ out everything useful.

And, so, wha-la, you’re caught up!


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