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New Page!

Posted on: April 8, 2010

Imma so bored………… So bored that I made a Harry Potter Stuffz page! It’s under Cool Thingies, and pretty soon I’m gonna make a Percy Jackson and the Olympians page too. Anyway, sorry for the short post, but guess what? On the widgets, ya know the thing that says this blog is worth $6? I heard it’s based on how much you update, but I update a lot, right? Do I need to post more? Huh? I’m gonna make a poll… anyway, sorry for the shortness of the postness! BTW, I’ gonna also make a kind of Translator page because sometimes I say things like, for instance, if you didn’t know what “awesomefull”, my word, meant, it’ll have the definition there!

Update: Da Poll is here!


4 Responses to "New Page!"

I think your posts are excellente! It doesnt matter how your posts are its the content of them! Your blog is SUPER DUPER! 😀

I agree sooo much!!!

DANKIES, ANNIESOPHIE AND SEA LILLY! It’s the viewers that make this blog stay alive! And both your blogs are coolsomefully awesomefull!

Woot! Anyway, you don’t have to post just to please people, just post when you want to, whatever you want!

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