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Deleting this website…

Posted on: April 1, 2010

I have decided to delete this website, and quit Poptropica. It has just become a way to fill up my time, and I’m bored from it. It’s gotten to be too much work to keep up with, and even though we have 800 something hits, nobody really comments, so it’s a waste. Plus I’m missing out on having fun with friends, etc, etc. I can memorize the keys on the keyboard from so much typing! This will be the last post. Goodbye.


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6 Responses to "Deleting this website…"

April First was a cool one this year. I pretended my neighbor was new and stuck 3 kick me signs on different people. 😀

I told all of my friends I was moving to California because my mom got a promotion and already found a nice beach house in San Fransisco… LOL! And my AIG teacher played a joke on someone’s class saying that tomorrow was a make-up snow day so we still had school! Now tomorrow is today (does that even make any sense?) and I GOTZ NO SCHOOL CUZ OF SPRING BREAK!

You got Spring Break SO EARLY? Mines like next week but I got today (FRIDAY) off because it was some weird teacher day… I dunno BUT I GOTZ IT OFF!

You have a late spring break!

Mah spring break starts with GOOD FRIDAY!Actually Thursday!

My teacher did a prank on the WHOLE class!Here it is!*Fake names*
Mrs.Lucy:Mrs.Nabi can you go to the office please?
Everyone exept Nabi:Ohh Mrs.Nabi is in trouble!
*Mrs.Nabi walks in from the office*
Mrs.Nabi:I have bad news 😦
Mrs.Nabi:They’re gonna transferring me to another school.

Lol i’ll never forget that!

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