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Posted on: March 31, 2010

Since today was just so BORING, I won’t even bother to tell the major details. Lets see, there was a fire drill, instead of AIG reading all of the AIG students (this includes math) were going to guidance, which is kinda like the psychiatrist’s place. 🙄 And  in lunch, I don’t know why, but I have to say me and my friends did this thing where we each took turns and gave each other a certain amount of time to talk to each other, and then when their time is up we’d say “Done!” and go to the next person. LOL. So, yeah… that’s only the important stuff. Hmmm… oh, yeah! I added the subscriber button to the widgets. Have fun subscribing!

I’m gonna work on a pic on Picnic…

Edit/Update-ish: I almost forgot the most important thing of today! Last night, my mom signed me up for… *gulps* Health Class, about.. *gags* puberty. Thank you, mom. Now I can have you owe me something. So, yeah, today, almost everyone was laughing at me as I carried the two slips (the other one was another puberty thing, gag) across the room. But then I realized that my friends had it too! Phew. What a relief. I dunno when the thingy is gonna start… probably in a month or something.


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!! Don’t worryz, I bet I’ve had a more embarrasing experience!! 😀

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