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I’m just making this post to cover up the REALLY LONG ONE below…

Posted on: March 29, 2010

Ummm… talk amongst yourselves… until I come up with something to complete this post, LOL. *whispers*
Aha! Mez got it! A while ago I started working on a draft of a page called “Lists”. It’s lists on everything from birthday presents I hope to get to questions. Uh… what else should I say…
Oh, yeah! I was just picking zillions of Dandelions in the backyard of my house and I’m gonna give them to my mom. They’re in the cup with my one purple weird flower, and you’ll never believe what happened to it! It was in a cup of water, so half of it was under and soaking in the water, just chillin’. But I checked on it today, and the half of it that was underwater’s color drained out! It was just clear! I’ve gotta tell a scientist about this! If only I knew Einstein… 😆
I think that’s just about enough to cover up the last post, and so… yeah… uh… yup, dat’s it!


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