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Posted on: March 26, 2010

Couldn’t think of a title, LOL.

Waking Up: My mom woke me up 15 minutes early instead of a half hour early and went to get Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts! Yay! Since it was Bring-An-Instrument day, I brought in my *gag*pink flame guitar. I was 8, okay?

At school: We prepared our spelling test papers, blah blah, and everybody was trying out my guitar in Reading Buddies.

Music: In music we all showed (I really think the word should be something like shew or something since it just doesn’t sond right) our instruments. Linda brought a full-sized regular, non-pink guitar, Julianna brought maracas, Kiana brought a drum, Destiny brought a guitar almost the same as mine, and Lauren brought a piccolo.

I forgetz what happened after Music, so I’ll just skip to…

Recess: At recess, I got on a swing, which was AWESOMEFULL, since I never get a swing. Of course, to be nice, since Anthony *cough* loudmouth troublemaker *cough* asked, I had to give it to him.

Math: In math, we started doing two ActivExpression sprints (remember? The new thing?) and then moved on to our Math Boxes test. Math Boxes are something we have every week which are rows of little boxes with problems in them, and at the end of the week we get a test on them. I realized I did the extra credit wrong when it was too late… meh.

Lunch: At lunch, Linda, Ashley and I were telling each other about weird dreams we had. Linda’s was violent, as usual, and Ashley’s was mysterious, like I expect. Mine was about going to a waterfall place called Rubark falls. Weird, huh?

Reading Buddies: We had Reading Buddies today instead of yesterday… nothing much to post here…

Reading: In reaidng we had our Vocab Test, and… I can’t remember… xD

I.E.: In I.E., half of the homework we did last night, I thought we weren’t supposed to do, so I didn’t do it… at least no H below the line! Blah blah blah, decimals, learned it last month, blah blah.

End of the day: At the end of the day, Mrs. A pulled Me, Ashley, Kiara, Michelle, Brian, and Geoffry into the hall. I knew it was a good thing, because Ashley and Kiara were in it. And, of course, mez was right. Mrs. A said that, if she can get approval from the office, Mrs. A is going to give us 7 (yes, I know I only listed 6 people, but the last one I forgot) a pizza party with her, and afterwards, we get extra recess! Anthony overheard and said “What!!?? That’s so unfair!”. Typical Anthony.


Edit: Oh, and at recess, I told all of my friends who would listen to call me Rose instead of Emily from now on. So, since it’s shorter than Ocean Clover, another thing you can call me is Rose.


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