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I love my R, double e, s-e-s! REESES PUFFS! I just felt like saying that…

Posted on: March 26, 2010

I just came back from an egg hunt. Underwater egg hunt. It was a disaster. I was in the water when my mom threw the basket at me to catch it, since the other kids were doing that. We weren’t supposed to. All of my eggs fell out of my hand and some kids stole them! Then they started scooping all the eggs left! We were each only supposed to get 10 eggs, but the egg thieves took like 30, so I only had 7. Cheaters. They weren’t supposed to be scooping! Then one of the cheating thieves dropped their basket, and instead of taking their eggs that were originally mine, I gave them back. I’m not gonna stoop to their level. Afterwords my mom told me she saw the kids were cheating and she told the guy next to her about the kid stealing my eggs, and it turns out that was his father… ha ha. Then we went to Walmart and my mom bought me Reese’s. Well, I’m going to another egg hunt on April 3rd, a real one. At a real park. Not underwater. I just hope there’s no cheating thieves there…


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