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This used to have a blank space here, but since you couldn’t click the link on it, I changed it to this loooong title

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Looksies, it has no title! Who did it? THE AMAZING HOUDINI! With the help of Ocean Clover.  Anywayz…

Waking up: I spent my extra half hour (I asked my mom to wake me up early again, as I always do) reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Getting to school: La la la, nothing happened here…

PE: We had PE outside today because of school pictures, which, my awesomefull viewers, you will find out about later. We had a new college training gym teacher…and I don’t like him. Not as much as the last one. Why? Because people were pushing and shoving and climbing over and on top of people (literally, not a figure of speech) and Linda got hurt and he didn’t care!!!!!

Writing: Mrs. A said that my 4-page-long supposed to be 2-page-long story was too great for her to cut anything out, and she sent me to work with the tutor to try and take stuff out. Quote from Mrs. A. Yay me! The tutor kept saying that I’m an amazing author and everything about my story was too wonderful, and in her Tutoring log she wrote that I am and excellent writer. She couldn’t cut out anything. She said she usually tries to add things to bad stories instead of take things out of great stories.

Math (I missed recess because of working with the tutor): My AIG teacher (do you notice that I’m only using Mrs. A’s name? That’s because the told us at the beginning of the year to just call her Mrs. A, and millions of peeps can have a last name that starts with A, but all my other teachers, I call by regular names.) upgraded our ActivExpressions to have a quiz on them, and we did that and other stuffz.

Lunch: At lunch….nothing happened, reallyz.

Extra Recess: I’m not sure if I said so or not, but since we filled our Make A Change jar we got a half hour extra recess today. And I was on the swings. Yay me. Whoop dee doo.

Pictures: Before Pics, I’d like to say that Mrs. A called my AIG teacher to say we haven’t even started the pictures yet and couldn’t come. First, we took a class pic and I got next to *gag* Bayden. Bayden is the pretty boy who’s all over girls, which pretty much explains my gag. And at regular pics, I was Pose 3, which was lying down. Awesomefull!! Since there was only one person each for Poses 1 & 2, my turn came quick, and the photographer kept saying for me to stop tilting my head and keep my chin up.

Read Around 4th Grade: I’m too lazy to explain what that is, but I will later in an edit. We read a chapter or two out of “The Thing About Georgie”…read…I wish we still had Fun Fridays…

Chorus: Imma in chorus after school, and this was just a few hours before the big concert. The BIG one. We rehearsed in the gym, unlike usual in the Music Room. We saw the art teacher put up Beatles decorations, cuz our concert ids called Beatles Mania since, no duh, it’s all Beatles music. My favorite is “Paperback Writer”, or maybe “Oh Blah Dee Oh Blah Da”. A lot of time the music teacher/chorus teacher had to yell at people for goofing off and talking when they were supposed to be singing.

So I have to be at the concert by 6:30, but it starts at 7:00. I’m wearing my maroon chorus shirt that’s a duplicate of everyone else’s and got on the second week of chorus, back in September. I’m also wearing a purple chunky bracelet, an thin pink bracelets, a big heart necklace, black pants, and I’ve tucked in the shirt (I reeeeeeeeeally wish we didn’t have to do that. I look like a dork).




2 Responses to "This used to have a blank space here, but since you couldn’t click the link on it, I changed it to this loooong title"


MEEEEEEEEEEZ TOOOO!!!! I’m just like Hermimone… LOL. Imma almost done with Year 4! YAY ME! But on Year 7, I heard he’s not in Hogwarts at all… 😦

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