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Stuffeezz…I can’t think of a title…. so yeah

Posted on: March 24, 2010

I found a way to remember everything important that happened today! Cuz I usually forget when it’s time to post. Here goes:

Waking up: My mom woke me up a half hour early, like I asked, and I spent the time watching Full House. YUM. I also at M&M pancakes for breakfast. My mom makes them to be like Friendly’s, a place in NJ, my hometown, that is only in one part of NC, and far away.

Getting into class: My teacher let me put up a blue paw we earned on the chart. 😀 And we moved desks…boo!! Now I won’t sit by Carter anymore. No, I don’t have a crush on Carter, we’re just friends. Sheesh. But I am sitting by my friends Linda and Ashely! Yay! So I went to reading buddies and read to Melina, my 1t grade buddy. For some reason, only me and Carter came…it was supposed to be Ashely, Linda, Destiny, Emely A, Kiara, Brian, Carter, and I….hmph. Too lazy to come, eh?

Spanish: In Spanish class we continued the Spanish spelling bee. I got out in the second round… 😦 But I got the hard word! I knew how to spell EVERY SINGLE other word in the whole thing, but I had to get that one? REALLY? Ugh. The people who made it through the 2nd round got orange paws…unfair. But my friend Michelle won! YAY!

Science Test: We had a science test on electricity! I dunno why I studied last night, I knew all the answers… electricity is fun! We do tons of experiments on it. Anyway, I know this is weird, but I’m expecting a 100%…

Math Test (not for me!): Everyone besides AIG peeps took a math test, so us AIG folks got to do AM (accelarated math) and I finished mine early so I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Then Mrs. A said me, Jacob, and Jalen hadn’t handed in our writing sheets, and I was like “What? You didn’t collect them!” in my head. I found it in my desk, and unlike Jacob, I didn’t get a D for Directions below the line on my Paw Card (if ya wanna know what a Paw Card is, look on the school page) because I was emptying the Make A Change jar. So, yay!

Writing: Everyone but me was working on the rough draft of that homework story…it turns out we were only supposed to do the planning sheet…so I wuz just like dang, I did extra? I got to choose from the “I’m Done, Now What?” list.

Recess: At recess, my friend Payton’s class was out with us, and we dug in the rocks looking for shiny stuffz or other thingies.  We eventually found a weird yellow and black ring that I thought was a teacher’s because it wouldn’t even fit either of our thumbs. We took it to the office to go in the lost and found. And then I looked at the clock and realized I was late for AIG, so passing my AIG teacher in the hall I said “I’ll be right there!” and went to tell Jacob and Ashley that it was time to go, but they were already heading in.

Math: In math we had a test on congruent shapes, coordinate graphs, tessellations (remember that one time with the math that started with a “T”? This was it)  and it was looooooooooooooong. I was the last one to finish. I got done just in time, too, because as soon as I was done, it was time to go! I bet I got a D on it…

Lunch: At lunch I sat with Linda and Lauren. Linda told me this joke, and it goes like this:

Linda: OK, this is a fill-in-the-blanks test. Promise to fill in the blanks of every sentence I say, or answer the questions, kay?

Me: Kay.

Linda. In a personal narrative from your point of view, you call yourself…

Me: I.

Linda: I ____ _____ eat a giraffe than an elephant.

Me: Would rather.

Linda: What is the opposite of being live?

Me: Die.

Linda: What do ykou say whan comparing something?

Me: Than.

Linda: In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana and Prince Lavinge…

Me: Kiss.

Linda: Who do you hate the most?

Me: Jalen, duh.

And, so, the sentence together makes (Highlight the post to find out!): I would rather die than kiss Jalen.

Reading: In reading we got partners for reading the novel, The Castle in the Attic. I got Justin, which is kinda badish. No offense to Justin! We got a chart thingy to put notes on, which we did. We took turns, reading 5 pages each.

Math I.E. : Math I.E. is like an extra math class. We worked on rounding decimals, blah blah blah, easy stuff AIG people did last month, blah blah.

And now, the school day is over! YAY! See? For some reason, I remember more when I post like this… it’s weird, ain’t it?



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