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Titleless! (If that was a word, I bet I spelled it wrong!)

Posted on: March 22, 2010

Today wuz normal… except I got pounds of homework. At least most of it was writing, so yeah 😀 . I’ll post the story when I’m done, but it’s gonna be long… we were given prompts and I chose the one where you’re shopping at the mall when you enter a strange hat store and tried on a hat. Then a strange thing happens. Dat’ll be a new story for me!!! Oh, and I have something urgent to tell y’all! The Cookie Monster is changing into the Vegetable Monster! He’s gonna be green instead of blue, his name will be changed to the Vegetable Monster, and will like…VEGETABLES! I heard this from my friend Hailey. Is this true? Will Cookie Monster be gone? LIVE ON, COOKIE LOVER!!!!! YOU SHALL NEVER DIE! How dare Sesame Street peeps… maybe they brainwashed him! 😯 NOOOOOOOO!



5 Responses to "Titleless! (If that was a word, I bet I spelled it wrong!)"

Dang… What am I now? Broccoli Monzta?

Or… *gag* Asparagus Monzta…

Don’t get me started on Spinach…

UGH! Spinach must DIE! The only good one is Corn Monzta, but it’s not as good as Cookie Monzta…

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