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Wacky Day!

Posted on: March 19, 2010

Today was awesome! For Wacky Day I wore a Hippie costume, with a purple thingy around my head, a tie-dye shirt with a peace sign, and a bunch of necklaces, and then…SHABAM! Hippie Lady! So the music teacher took a pic of all of us who dressed wacky, and I did a peace sign with mah fingers in the pick! LOL. The wackiest, I think, was Carter’s outfit, pants for sleeves and a shirt for pants, and, to top it off floaties. THAT was definitely the wackiest.  Also, in reading, there was a Vocab test today… I’m usually awesome at the Vocab tests, but I forgot one word and I was like…crap…what means to spread throughout? I just left it blank and patiently awaited my %97. But then I forgot my name! Ten more points off. Uh-oh. Not fun. Anyway, nothing else really interesting happened at school…lemme think…uh, we had computer today instead of when we were supposed to have it, on Tuesday, because on Tuesday we were taking that big writing test, remember? We had it at the awkward time of the average school day, ya know, when it’s not the beginning of the day and it’s not the end, either? Usually the worst part of the day, ’cause you got things that went wrong haunting you and yet you still got like 3 hours of school left? Yeah. That part. We were making sideshows about the Respect (Respect Myself, Respect Others, Respect my School) for the first graders. We only got the title done, since our teacher forgot and we were late. And, after school, my and my dad went to the Exxon and I got an Icee and a Ring Pop! 😀 I mixed the Mountain Dew flavor with the Blue Raspberry flavor trying to create Sour Apple, but it spilled all over the floor. 😥

That’s a re-cap of anything out of the ordinary (at least, to me) that happened today! See ya later!
mad smileys


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