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Posted on: March 15, 2010

Sorry, I had pounds of homework…whoever invented homework…is…UGH! I mean, come on, I got 80 (yes, 80) reading questions, some horrible type of math homework that starts with a T, COME ON! Any way, here’s what happened today:

My mom accidentally woke me up 10 minutes late, and so I rushed getting up, dressing, and eatin’ breakfast. I thought I heard her talking to my dad saying that he was taking me to school instead of her, and I cried because I like it when my mom takes me to school, and I thought that meant forever. I’m such a cry baby… Anyway, it turns out it wasn’t true and I heard wrong.

At art, we were making words into shapes, and let me tell you, that ain’t my strong point.

After that I did my morning work, which was to copy the *cough* super easy *cough* spelling words into my agenda and spelling folder, and then do Accelerated Math, then, finally, read. For people that aren’t in AIG, they were doing a math page, too, but since AIG people don’t have the math books they use, I didn’t do it.

Later on, we did a bunch of yada yada yada and yak yak yak, and then it was lunch! The whole school got to eat in their classrooms because of “help shortage” in the cafeteria. Pretty soon it was time for the Book Fair!

At the Book Fair, only around 5 people went, including mwa! I also voted for the North Carolina Book Award Book thingy, and I voted for Savvy. At the Book Fair, I was hoping to find 2 books and a clacker pen (don’t ask what that is) and I did (kinda). I saw Big Nate (a graphic novel!) and saw a comment from…guess who…Jeff Kinney on the front! Way cool! I got that and Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls: Best Friends and Drama Queens. But there was not clacker pen. But there was this awesome paintbrush pen for $5, and it was the coolest thing you have ever seen. Plus, it was purple . 😎 But I didn’t have enough money for it! 😥 Mez only had $15, and with the paintbrush pen and the books, it would be $18, plus tax.

Oh, and for homework, I think the math was about shapes connecting together without any spaces in between, and in my defense, dat name is hard to remember! I keepz getting’ it confused with Trigonometry. My mom tried to help with the reading, but I ended up doing more work without her… LOL. I didn’t even finish the homework…but since I was working for 2 hours straight, my mom said I deserved a break.

See ya, Super Sonic Viewers! Eat your flying pig today!


Update: Mez finished da Big Nate Book! I loved it! I wasn’t all ocmics, but that was cool, and it was about Nate getting a fortune cookie that says “Today you will surpass all others.” but it sure doesn’t seem like it! LOL. At the very end of the book, it says “Book Two Is Just around the Corner!” And did I tell you that it mentioned Poptropica in the back? So sweet! Anyway, does anyone know what time Eastern Standard Time is on the WordPress time thing? My time ain’t right…


4 Responses to "….WOW!"

I KNOW HUH! Homework makes me want to puke at times and I once cried because I had too much of it. AND I DID GET ANNIE FINKLE’S RILES FOR DRAMA QUEENS AND BEST FRIENDS AT MY BOOKFAIR! WOWZ! Did you start to read it. It’s awesome and it KINDA tells the story of my life.. But I just finished reading it Last Week and it’s AWESOME!!!

ME TOO!!!!!!!! O my cheese, I had a book fair too, and I got that book! OMYCHEESE! Check out da website! And, did you finish it? If so, remember when they called Cheyenne Big Mouth O’Malley! HA HA!

I finished it! And did you finish? Well member when Cheyenne started the kissing Game? And sophie was forced to ask “Prince Peter” Out?

I know, that was so mean of Cheyenne! It was blackmailing! Can’t a person go to jail for blackmailing?

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