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Posted on: March 12, 2010

I was hoping for today to be the best day ever… I’m such a doofus.

The day started out with a sub. A mean one.

All the bad luck started at lunch. The teachers had to turn the lights out in the cafeteria, and when it was time to go, all my lunch fell out as I was dumping it in the trash can! No one would even help me pick it up. To make matters worse, my friend Je’Lah accidentally spilled her apple sauce all over me as I was picking the stuff up! It spilled all onto my Book Fair Wish list clipboard. Then all the pages in the clipboard fell out. Je’Lah lent me two pieces of paper and helped me pick up the pages.

Next, previewing the Book Fair and making the wish lists, we only had 5 minutes!!! I thought it would be like a half an hour.  I only got to look at 4 books, and my paper was all messed up. Then, I found out that with the money I’d be getting, I’d be lucky if I could get a pen! Ughh.

I just hope the day will get better because I’m going to a birthday party soon. It’s my friend Hope’s. She goes to a different school than me. We’ve known each other since first grade, when I first moved to NC. She’s turning ten. Also, since it’s Music in our School month, our class had music today, so we wore pajamas and hats! The only reason we got to wear hats is because last Friday was a teacher workday, so we didn’t get to wear hats since there was no music.  Next week is wear wacky clothes. I’m gonna ponytail half of my hair, keep the other half plain and down, wear two different socks, and mismatched clothes. Or some of my 6-year-old dress-up clothes.

Syonara, Amigos!


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