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School was AWESOME! Today, at least… LOL.

Posted on: September 30, 2009

OK, erm, today was, hmm, how do I put this… GREAT! 😀 Well, the day started off having not a normal breakfast of cereal, but a soft, buttery, Crossaunt! *Spends minute thinking about how to say “Hello” in French* Um… Bonjour? Is that right? I ain’t French! When I got to school, everything went fine. I get there kinda latish, just before others get outta the gym, so usually I end up in class first, but, today, I saw my friend walking down the hall! And, so, when I got in the room, I realized that, since we were “responsible” (like I said, teacher’s pet) enough, me and a few other kids (also very teacher’s petish) got to read to the 1st graders instead of having to do morning work! But we accidentally stayed longer than we were supposed to, but we didn’t get in trouble, since our teacher never told us.  So when we came back the class was at Spanish, so we headed there. In Spanish, we did not get our Paw (the reward for doing good in the class) but that didn’t bring down my day. Our teacher doesn’t yell at us if we don’t get the Paws. 😀 After Spanish, we had a little extra time to do Morning work (whole class), and even though I probably didn’t have to, I did it. It was easy. Just copying down the rest of the Animal Adaptation terms. Not much. But others needed extra time! 😕 That’s just not right. I got it done first, while others still were working on it, even thought they had like, a half hour, and I got it done in 5 minutes! I’m not tryin’ to brag. So after that, we got to pick a partner 😀 and  read pages A48-A51 and answer the questions. My partners ended up copying off me. :/ My answers were pararaphs, and the questions were like, “What are some animals that migrate?” But, since my partners were my friends, I let them copy. It’s not like it’s the first time people copied off me. After we were done, we checked them and I wanted to add even MORE. One of my friends protested, but the other went along with it. So after that we showed the teacher, and she said we could check out books of our animal (We’re doing a project where we pick a wild animal and do a report on it, and I chose a Green Iguana, cuz the Chameleon was taken.) The one of my friends that protested stayed because she already had  a book on her animal, but I and the friend that went along with my plan to add more went.  We spend a long time searching, and my other friend who I wasn’t partners with was there, and she was the one who had the Chameleon. I couldn’t find any books on Green Iguanas at first, but I did find a Chameleon book for the friend that had Chameleon (lets just call her Chameleon from now on) and a Merecat book for the friend who went along with adding more (yes, Merecat was her animal and we’ll call her Merecat from now on, and I don’t think I spelled Merecat right.)But then I looked on the “Search the Library” thing on the computer in there,  and there was one book specfically on Green Iguanas, so I looked for it from it’s call number (597.95, yes, I said it so much when I was looking for it, I still remember it) and found first, a book not specifically on Green Iguanas, but on just plain Iguanas (it was a Nature’s Children book) and then found the book I was looking for, then helped Merecat find another Merecat book. I couldn’t find any more, so we checked in the book to see if it had a ton of info, and it sure did! So we checked out the books and walked back to the classroom. The girl sitting next to me (I don’t know her animal, so lets just call her, uh, 5) told me what we were doing, but I did all the stuff she was saying, cuz she thought we were gone for SOOOOOOOOOO long, so she was like, explaining the questions we did, and after that how we could go to the Media Center and check out books on out animal like we just did, but then I said “I did all that…” so she said “Then you can just work on your Exhibit sign.” (a thing we haven’t started but we were making for our Animal project, but I didn’t know I had it all along, so I said “What? I don’t think I got one.” and 5 said “Well, check your Science folder. That’s where it’s supposed to be.” and then I checked there and found it.) So I only had the Habitat and the Animal I was doing down when the teacher said it’s time for recess. Me likey recess! So… um… at first nothing important enough to say happened at recess but then, something happened. I started telling Chameleon about how once I shared a crush with my friend, then one of the teacher’s pets that was reading to the 1st graders this morning joined in, and I ended up telling her, then she said said she had a crush on *gulp*… Cheese. Those of you who go to PT’s blog and are staff an read the Cheese post I made a while ago, you can see why I gulped. I didn’t say a word about you know what, and just, um… asked questions, pretending to find out if he liked her back for HER, but really, I was doing that for me. She says she thinks he likes her, but… I sorta doubt it. Not from the questions, but from my knowledge about boys.  Cheese is like, my friend that just happens to be a guy. He calls me “dude” and stuff like that, I ain’t invisible to him, it’s just… the crybaby thing, and of course, I’m ugly. Anyway, I’m sorta over him. SORTA. Anyway, a girl who liked Cheese before (lets call her… Cheeset!) came along, and I asked her if she still liked him, and she said no, then buried herself with rocks and don’t ask me why because I don’t know… and then me and the other teacher’s pet girl went to the chains (let’s call her 6) and then Merecat started shakin’ the chains and 6 freaked. I was fine with it. Anyway, after recess, was AIG Math, and there, we had an AIG substitute (let’s call her… 23) and she gave us long division problems. I only made it up to #8, although there were only 10… but she called each of us to come to the board and do the problems when she asked “Is everyone done with 1-5 at least?” and then a kid I know cuz he’s #1, annoying, and #2, in my class said he didn’t finish and he was only on #3 (let’s call him gum). I was surprised. We had tons of time, but I don’t think it really mattered anyway because 23 said it wasn’t gonna be graded. I was doing #6, and when I was done with it 23 checked on the calculator and I was right. So far so good, because I didn’t have any wrong then, and then when Gum was done with #7 I raised my hand and asked to do another, even though I already just did one. Again, TEACHER’S PET! I got that right too! But #9 I got wrong… because, duh, I didn’t do it, and I was tryin’ to get it done in a hurry. But #10 I got right! Um… this post is already super-duper long, and we get outta school at 3:00pm-ish and Math was only at, like 12:00opm, so… um… NO MORE! Buh-Byez!


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