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Posted on: September 24, 2009

Well, the day started out at school when I cried when I lost my blue Animal Adaptation Project slip that my mom was supposed to bring back or my grade gets knocked down everyday it’s late. But later on I found out it was in my Tuesday Folder. Also, we’re studying for S.S. Lighthouses in NC, and we got into groups. My friend was supposed to be there but she got a rash that was so bad she can’t open her eyes, so I got stuck with the boys. They ended up having to copy off me. And, it was normal in math, but in reading, it was the Reader’s Field day, which a few others and I couldn’t participate in because we either didn’t do any reading over the summer, didn’t do enough, or forgot to do the paper (me.) So, in AIG reading, we were ordering books in Alphabetical order (we could talk, and it was kinda fun). And when I came back to the regular class they were working more on the Lighthouse graph, so I joined it. Not much changed, except that the boys had copied down my stuff. We didn’t get much done, although most people were done. But kids still weren’t back from field day, so we packed up, hung our bookbags on our chairs, packed others who were at the field day’s bags, and mine was sooooooooooooooooooooo heavy because tonight I’m leaving for New Jersey (Uncle’s wedding!). I had to hang my lunchbox! I’m putting off the homework, so I have something to do later… anyway, after school, today was chorus day (It’s called CENSORED Sound!) and we practiced our songs for our performance next Thursday.And, also, at home I saw a HUGE roll of bubble wrap for radios that my dad was giving as a gift when we’re going to NJ, and fluffy stuff in the hall (from the attic!). After my dad was done with the bubble wrap, he gave me a long, skinny piece and I did a lot of things, but, as I speak, I’m wearing it over my clothes. So, uh, that’s what happened today!

Chorus Songs (or the ones I remember!)

(Tune of Seachanting or whatever those sailor songs are called) What do you do with a water waster:

What do you do with a water Waster,

what do you do with a water waster

what do you do with a water waster

Here upon our planet?

What do you do with a litter critter

what do you do with a litter critter

what do you do with a litter critter

Here upon our plant?

What do you do with a global warmer

What do you do with a global warmer

What do you do with a global warmer

Here upon our planet?

Hey ho, you teach em better, hey ho, you teach em better, hey ho, you teach em better here upon our planet!

I think I’ll think Twice (Rock and roll!):

Teacher told us we’re gonna have a test,

better study hard if you want to do your best.

I spend my whole evening playin’ video games,

Now I’m gonna flunk it man I must’ve been insane!

What was I thinkin’?

What was goin’ through my mi-nd?

What was I thinkin’?

I think I’ll think twice next time!

(And there was a second verse we learned today that I can’t remember!)

Top of the Music To you:

Top of the musice to yooooooooooou, friends.

May you have a song in your heart!

May you hear saxes, may you hear flutes

May your day have a musical start!

(And the rest I can’t remember!)


1 Response to "Today…"

nice day! well, i guess it must have been so/so. it’s good that the guys wanted to copy from you, right? anyways, that song reminded me of a song I had to sing for school… it was the most annyoing, repetative thing ever invented. I almost threw the music papers on the ground and stepped on them, it was so irritating. I think that the teachers are trying to brainwash kids with that stuff! :/

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