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Picture Day! Duh duh duh… LOL.

Posted on: September 23, 2009

So, um, today was Picture day, and I wore a puffy-ish purple and black striped shirt and sparkly black pants. This morning I had been crying (normal, for me 😥 )  because I thought I lost my Math Homework, so, of course, I went to school with puffy eyes. Me and Ashley (a girl in my class) were the backup helpers, so, yeah, we had to pass out a lot, and didn’t get our morning work done. I guess you could say me and her are “Teachers Pets” because we hardly get in trouble (I should, though). And, after that, we went to Spanish class. We worked on Spanish time there. Then, uh, we, um… I forget… oh wellz. But, at recess, I was on the swings on the beginning talking about New York, even though I don’t live there. Then after recess was AIG math, and I cried there, because I couldn’t keep track of my Math Boxes because I couldn’t find them right away (I guess now you get a taste of me: Unorganized and a big fat crybaby!) and we had to leave early for…


I was pose 2, and had puffy eyes from the crying. Pose 2 was holding a chair. It wasn’t really a chair though- It was some black thing. Maybe it had a sorta green screen on it to look like a chair. We all got combs- except for me. I forgot, and we weren’t aloud to get one after. We sat at the tables- it was in the Media room.

The rest of the day I, um, forget…  LOL. Buh-bye!

Random Picture of Today:

Aliens Destroy


8 Responses to "Picture Day! Duh duh duh… LOL."

Oh, and for the pic I smiled like Mona Lisa… and my hair, at least, what I saw when I got home, was a total mess…. really, really messy!


Not what you would say if you saw it… but I haven’t either, so… LOL!

you probably looked better than I did! i made a face- the same face i made on my photo ID. and… i looked like Dana Scully on my photo ID. so i think i’m doomed for life.

Who’s Dana Scully? ❓

And I bet your pic came out better! I haven’t seen mine yet… after all, we just took it today!


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